Full Mouth Implant Treatment is the very best and latest method of restoring all the teeth of one or the entire mouth that is both jaws. This is the most difficult dental treatments ever practiced by dentists. In simple terms, cases where the entire lot of teeth need to be replaced, the procedure of a full mouth treatment is one of the effective options suggested by dentists for many patients. This treatment helps to fully bring back your appearance, comfort, and working compared to that of healthy natural teeth. Dental implants help to replace all your lost teeth and some of the worn-out roots as well.


There are many advantages of choosing Dental implants over other treatments available for full mouth teeth replacement. Not only do they look like natural teeth and function like them, but the bridges or dentures fully supported by implants are also designed to be durable and long-lasting. These are much more comfortable and secure than the regular conventional dentures that allow you to hold a better natural biting and chewing ability.
Moreover, most of the time, implant-supported dentures and bridges replace the roots of the tooth as well which provides for better preservation of the bone. In the long run, implants are more appealing and easier to maintain than conventional dentures.


  • Endosteal - which are directly placed in the jawbone. These are made of typical titanium and molded to look like small screws. This is the most commonly used method of implants.

  • Subperiosteal - which are placed right under the gum area but on or just above the jawbone. This is done so in cases where the patients don’t have a healthy jawbone and are not in favor of undergoing a bone augmentation procedure that helps to rebuild the structure.
Type of full mouth Implant treatment depends on no. of implants required, density of the jawbone, time duration, and other specific requirements of the patients. Majorly, two categories exist:
  • Conventional Dental Implants (Two/Multi-visit)
  1. 全部內容在4
  2. 全部內容在6
  • Immediate Loading Dental Implants (Single visit
Others- Zygoma implants 等。

Conventional Dental Implants (Two/Multi-visit)

This is a widely done implants procedure that enables full mouth teeth replacement. It requires at least two visits at a gap of 3 months. In first visit, implants are placed within the jaw and allowed to heal. Once they osteo integrate (bind firmly with jawbone) in a time span of 3 months or so, another visit is scheduled to place final teeth prosthesis over these implants. Commonly done conventional procedures are:
All-on-4: This is a method of placing replacement teeth on the top or/and bottom commonly known as a full arch over four implants in each jaw respectively. With the help of a few special supports, the placement of a temporary set of teeth happens in first phase only. For about 3 months, implants are left to heal and bind strongly with bone.In second phase, permanent teeth are placed, the patient can regain back to a normal routine.
All-on-6: Here, 6 dental implants are placed in each jaw respectively. The patient is required to rest for 3 months to allow setting on implants in the bone strongly. The implants are left submerged to allow the patient to wear removable prostheses taking care to not compress the sites of healing during the osseointegration period. In second phase, natural-looking permanent teeth sets are placed.

Immediate Loading Dental Implants(Single visit)

This method is also called 基礎植入物, Teeth in a Day or same-day implants. It is called same day implants as it provides for tooth implants the very same day as your appointment. Basal implants derive support from the basal bone area which remains free from all infections.This method doesn’t require grafting and is one of the perfect solutions for patients with low bone density or low volume in their jaw. It enables people with poor bone density also to undergo dental implants treatment and get their smile back instantly.

Zygoma implants:

Also known as Zygomatic implants are unlike conventional dental implants. Here, these implants are secured into the zygomatic bone or commonly known as the cheekbone instead of the maxilla (upper jaw). This treatment is advised when the upper jaw bone doesn’t have the strength to support the placement of regular dental implants. It is one of the most advanced procedure and its success majorly depends upon high precision skills of dental surgeon.

Almost 150 companies around the world produce conventional and immediate implant parts but the popular and well-known implant brands are Straumann and Nobel Biocare. Rest in line to follow is Dentsply Sirona, BioHorizons, Biomet and 3i (Zimmer Biomet).Pioneer Brands for immediate loading Basal implants are: GenXt, Mono Implant etc.


We are known for our quality of work nationally and internationally and have been accredited for our efforts in the field of dental implant.
  • We offer a lifetime warranty on all our implants.
  • Our specialist is skilled in performing immediate implants as we understand the value of time of our patients. We have a team who is well trained in the procedure and help provide you with teeth in a day.
  • We ensure strict sterilization protocol on all our equipments and maintain highest standard of oral hygiene.
  • Cosmodent is an ISO certified clinic which speaks about the quality we offer in itself.
  • We ensure to provide our patients with the best and most comfortable treatment and hence we use the latest and modern technologies there is to make the procedure as smooth and quick as possible.
  • To lessen patients pain, we use painless injection methods for all treatments.
  • To ensure that our patients are calm and fear-free, we administer them with sedation or laughing gas at the time of the procedure.
  • 我们的 牙科診所 houses all the facilities for catering International Clients. Our team provides special services including airport pick-up, drop, accommodation, translator, excursions/trips etc. at a cost 50% lesser than compared to your home country.


This is one very important question that most of our patients come across, how costly are these treatments? The overall cost of a full mouth dental implant could vary from Rs. 2.5 lakhs to Rs. 6 Lakhs.
  • The cost purely depends on a few points like the type of implants the patients chooses; the patient’s bone type, and the brand of the implant and final prosthesis teeth.
  • Having an experienced dentist in India execute your treatment would incur added expenses.
  • We provide our patients with all the options and also provide EMI payment system with 0% interest rate.
We would like to assure you that we believe in our patient's satisfaction and guarantee not to be heavy on your pockets.


基本上,它們可以幫助您有效地咀嚼食物並自信地微笑。植入物有助於功能和美觀,植入物是最現代的替代缺牙的方法。 高度精密和專利的鈦螺釘擰入骨骼,必須更換牙齒。 鈦螺釘為牙冠或人造牙齒提供固定。


許多患者在失去一半牙齒後出現,或者患有全身性弱牙,這使得他們在咀嚼食物和美學方面遇到麻煩。 為了幫助患者享受食物和維持健康的生活,我們的專家建議他們進行全口牙科植入,然後將假牙固定在他們身上。


  • 需要更少的牙種植體
  • 一次更換所有牙齒
  • 改善骨骼質量
  • 支持永久性假肢矯正器
  • 利用更好的骨骼


  • 你應該有健康的牙齦。
  • Individuals who have enough jaw bone density to support the dental implant
  • After you get full-mouth implants, you will need to maintain your dental hygiene. As such, good candidates for the treatment understand and accept this


Each step requires ultimate care and expertise for their success. Following are easy and simple procedures

  • The placement of six to eight dental implants in the upper jaw
  • 下頜有四到六個種植體
  • Durable, natural-looking porcelain teeth that are fixed to these implants by dental cement or screws

我們使用的一些牙科植入品牌: -

STRAUMANN: - Straumann®牙種植體系統的設計基於簡單和自由選擇:一個系統帶有一個可用於所有適應症的套件,以及獨特的不同材料和表面組合,包括Roxolid®等開創性技術和SLActive可。

NOBLE BIO CARE: - Nobel Biocare是創新植入式牙齒修復領域的先驅 - 從單牙到完全無牙的適應症。

MEGAGEN: - Megagen Implant Company由一群經驗豐富的牙科醫生在2002開始尋找更好的種植體。 他們為患者提供更好的解決方案的興趣繼續推動公司不斷改進產品並為困難的手術情況引入突破性的解決方案。

植入物在我們的成功 古爾岡的牙科診所 在植入手術期間,取決於種植體的質量和嚴格的消毒和衛生方法,我們相信這一點並且實踐相同。


不要等到另一天治療你的牙齒問題! 立即預約Cosmodent India,在專家牙科專家的指導下獲得正確的幫助。









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